Salsa & Chips

small $4.50, large $5.50

with guacamole $5.50, $7.50

Salad Dressings

balsamic vinaigrette, thousand island, ranch, french, honey mustard, blue cheese

crumbled blue cheese $1.00

Four Moon Nachos

with veggie chili, cheese, cilantro,

sour cream, jalapenos & guacamole

small $8, large $10

with chicken $10, $13

with steak $11, $14

Mixed Greens Salad

tomato, cucumber, red onion & carrot $5.50

Fresh Spinach Salad

with warm bacon dressing $10

add grilled chicken breast $12

Hand Cut Potato Fries, Chunky Sweet Potato Fries, Grilled Sweet Potatoes

small $3.25, large $6.25

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy $3.50

Big Salad in a Bowl

big mixed greens salad, with hard boiled egg, grilled chicken, bacon & cheese $12

veggie only $9

Beer-Battered Onion Rings

with BBQ sauce

small $5.50, large $8.50

Homemade Tomato Soup/ Soup of the Day

cup $4, bowl $5

Chicken Tenders

with buttermilk ranch, barbeque sauce,

honey mustard or wing sauce

small $7, large $10


Black Bean Veggie Chili

small $5.00, large $6.00

Sloppy Chili

small $6.00, large $7.00

Steak Chili

small $7.00, large $8.00

with cheese, sour cream & cilantro

Four Moon Buffalo Wings

half-dozen $6, dozen $11

Homemade Crab Cakes

two sautéed crab cakes on a bed of greens

with roasted red pepper sauce $13

Triple Decker BLT

with fries & pickles $9

with ham $11

Grilled Cheese

with fries $8

bacon, ham, pepperoni, tomato, mushroom

50¢ each


with greek olives & warm pita bread

with veggies

$6, $9.50